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How to Update Your Facebook Status

Last updated on June 7th, 2020 at 11:55 pm

“What’s on your mind?” the first thing you see whenver you login to your Facebook account.And it is nothing but your Facebook status update box. Facebook status is an update on your Facebook profile which inform your Facebook friends about your latest news,activities,feelings etc.You can update your Facebook status anytime and you can share your status about any topic such as where are you travelling now, which song is you are listing right now,whic book you are reading  etc.You can also share your relationship status via Facebook status update.Just keep reading this post to learn how to update your Facebook status easily and quickly.

  1. Go to Facebook.com and login to your Facebook account.
  2. Click What’s on your mind? on your News Feed or Timeline, or Write Post in an event or group.It will expands the status share boxclick-on-whats-on-your-mind
  3. Now type your status update in box and click post.type-status-click-post

Thus you can update your Facebook status easily and very quickly.You can set privacy to your Facebook status,by using who should see this feature.You can set public,friends,only me and much more. You can also tag your Facebook friends in your Facebook status update.Also you can share your feelings and other activity in your Facebook status update.You can also share check in place with your Facebook status update.You can share many other things in your Facebook status update.

How to tag your facebook friends in your status update

You Can tag your Facebook friends in your status update.Tag is way of marking people you’re with when you’re writing a status update.The tags link back to your friends’ Timelines and notify them of your update. When you tag someone, an additional bit of text is added to the status, so it looks like this: Distance doesn’t separate people. Silence does.-with<xyz> xyz then receives a notification that you tagged him/her.

  • Type your status in What’s on Your Mind field of the Share box.
  • After that,Click the person icon in the bottom gray bar of the Share box to add tags to your post and post your status update.tag-friends-in-facebook-status

How to add your location in your Facebook status

You can click check in pin and begin typing a city or place name, and Facebook tries to autocomplete the place where you are. Letting friends know where you are (also called checking in) is a great way to increase the chances of accidental encounters.click-check-in

How do you  share your feelings or what your  doing in your Facebook status update

  1. Click What’s on your mind? on your News Feed or Timeline, or Write Post in an event or group.
  2. Click click-feeling-activity
  3. Choose Feeling or select what you’re doing (ex: missing someone)in the dropdown menu.choose-feeling-doing
  4. Choose how you’re feeling or a description of what you’re doing (ex: whom you’re missing) by clicking one of the suggestions or type a word to find more suggestions. If it isn’t listed, you can fill in your own and tap it when it appears in the dropdown menu.choose-one-of-feeling-or-doing
  5. To edit how you’re feeling or what you’re doing, click and make your changes or click X to remove it from your update. To change your icon, click it in your status update and choose a new one from the dropdown menu.click-x-to-remove-or-change-feeling
  6. Once you’ve added your feeling or activity, finish filling in your status update and click Post.add-feeling-post

If you choose an activity like watching a TV show or reading a book, the TV show or book will also appear in the related sections on your Facebook about page.

Note: You can only add one feeling or activity to a status update.

How to select audience for your Facebook status update

You can select audience for your Facebook update.You can choose from the basic privacy options: Public, Friends, Friends Except Acquaintances, Only Me, and Custom. Whatever you select will be saved for your next status post.select-audience-for-status

Thus you can update your Facebook status.If you have any quetsion or problem regarding updating your Facebook status then feel free to ask us via comment.

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