best history erasers apps for android

Here is a list of History eraser apps for Android users. These apps help in cleaning the history of different applications on your phone. The list is showcased below is completely based on the ratings and reviews of the users from Google Play Store.

History Erasers Apps for Android

1. History Eraser – Clean Privacy

The History Eraser app helps user to clean the history of apps and also the app cache. The app is described as similar to CCleaner app in PCs. History Eraser also helps to free the internal storage.

App view : History-Eraser-Clean-Privacy-Android-Apps-on-Google-Play

Key Features :

  • Cleans browsing history, GMail history, YouTube Search History.
  • Cleans call log history, sms conversations.
  • Cleans cache files of all the apps.
  • It clear the Google Map Search History.
  • Cleans download history.

Download the App from here : [appbox googleplay mobi.infolife.eraser&hl=en ]

2. Clean History – Optimize

The app is similar to above History Eraser app . This is an efficient app with good user reviews.The app helps to protect your personal privacy, save your disk space, improves the performance of the phone.

App View :Clean History - Optimize on google play

Key Features :

  • Cleans Browser History, all App Cache, Clean clipboard, Clean Call logs, Gmail Search History.
  • Cleans Android Market Search History.
  • It cleans chrome history as well as Youtube search history.
  • Clean Google Search box History and Clean Downloads.
  • It optimize memory.

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay bazinga.historyclean&hl=en ]

3. 1Tap Cleaner

The App cleans browsing history, app cache and logs with a single tap. With 1 Tap cleaner you can free up the space of internal storage by removing the folders and data of un-installed apps.

App View :1Tap-Cleaner-Android-Apps-on-Google-Play

Key Features :

  • Four cleaners included in the app.
  • Default cleaner.
  • Cache Cleaner.
  • History cleaner.
  • Call/Text logs Cleaner.
  • SD cleaner.

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay]

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Other History Erasers Apps for Android :

4. History Eraser +

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay com.isnowstudio.historycleaner&hl=en ]

5. History Cleaner

Download the App here :[appbox googleplay com.blueinfinity.historycleaner&hl=en ]

6. History Eraser for Android

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay com.theapprain.history.cleaner&hl=en ]

7. History Cleaner Master

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay com.aroustechnology.historycleaner&hl=en ]

8. Speed Booster – Cleaner Master

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay com.greenapp.max_cleaner&hl=en]

9. Shake history cleaner lite

Download the App here : [appbox googleplay com.shake.history&hl=en]

10. Quick Cleaner

Download the App here :[appbox googleplay com.quicklab.cleaner&hl=en]

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