best gps navigator apps for iPhone and iPad

GPS plays a vital role when you are in a new neighbourhood. But having the best matter more and comes very handy all the time. Here is a list of 5 Best GPS Apps for iPhone and iPad. The following list of apps is sorted on the basis of user rating and reviews. And here is a list of top 5 best GPS navigator apps for iPhone and iPad.

Best Free GPS -Navigator Apps For iPhone and iPadBest GPS -Navigator Apps For iPhone and iPad

1. MotionX

MotionXThis app is one of the best apps for GPS’s on your device with consistent up to date map data. Its destination search capabilities and the ability to preload maps are the two features. That makes the app stand out when in comparison to other apps.

2. Waze Social

Waze SocialWaze is a GPS based geographical navigation, Find active reports of accidents, hazards, police and other events you see on the road and get road alerts on your route too.

3. AT&T Navigator

AT&T NavigatorThis app not only the correct path to your destination but also alerts you with traffic reports and also cheap gas station ahead on your path. The best thing that comes with this app is that you can easily share your journey from anywhere along your route with our enhanced Share ETA feature.


scoutIn better words, this app is also called the Wikipedia of maps. This app brings your world on the go making it easy to go places, get things done, and connect with people at a tap of your finger.

5. MapQuest

MapQuestYour Quest for the best map app ends here, Its GPS, voice navigation and live traffic updates will always help you keep yourself on the go without any difficulty.

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