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How to Change the Language on Facebook

Last updated on September 4th, 2018 at 10:24 am

You can use Facebook in several languages. Currently Facebook supports more than 70 plus languages. In case you are not comfortable with the default language of Facebook then don’t be worry you can change the language on Facebook easily. Here I am writing about how to change the language on Facebook?facebook language

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How to change the language on Facebook?

Step 1 : Open www.Facebook.com in your browser.open Facebook.com in your browser

Step 2:  Now move to the bottom of page,now here you will find 10 different languages name. In front of languages name you will find 3 dots(…) click on it.click on three dots

Step 3 :  Then a pop up will appear on your computer screen which shows you different languages. Choose the language you want.Choose your language

Step 4 :  You will notice the Facebook language will change. Page will reload and it will appear with your selected language. Now login  to your Facebook account and enjoy Facebook in your local language.

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How to change Facebook language using your Facebook settings

Step 1 : At first you have to login to your Facebook account. So go to www.facebook.com and login to your Facebook account  with the corresponding credentials.login to facebook

Step 2 : Now navigate for the down arrow like icon () which is usually placed at the top right corner. now click on it and select “Settings.”click on settings

Step 3 : The previous step will lead you on General Account Settings page.In this step, you have to detect the language option which is usually placed at the left hand side of the webpage beneath the “Blocking” option. Once you have found the “Language” option,just to click on it.click on language

Step 4 : Previous step open the“Language settings” section for you on the same web page.  Now click on the “Edit” option beside the “What language do you want to use Facebook in?” click on editIt will open a section for you from which you can select the desired language to use Facebook in. Just click on the down arrow which is positioned beneath the text “Show Facebook in this language.”  This will open a drop down menu with the language names from which you can select the desired language.select the desired language

Step 5 : Once you select your desired language then you require is to click on “save changes” button.click on save changes

This may reload the web page as per your edit activities, and you may see the changes being applied to your Facebook account at the same time.see the changes

You will notice the language changes, then you can use Facebook in your selected language instead of default Facebook language. Thus you can change language on Facebook. I believe that this article can help you lot about changing language on Facebook. If you have any other information or questions regarding this topic then do tell me via comments. I would like to hear from you.

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