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Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

The Internet provides us with a variety of information and different communication facilities. The Internet makes the world a better place. We can do a lot of things by using the internet. Nowadays internet is a very essential part of human life, but the internet has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here I listed the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.

Advantages of Internet

1. Huge Source of Information andĀ Resources

Yes! the internet is a huge source of information. The Internet provides us with a lot of information. The Internet provides you with information about everything and almost anything. There are a lot of search engines all over the internet, which help you to find the information which you want. You can improve your knowledge by using the information provided by the internet. The Internet has all kinds of information, in short internet is an ocean of information and you have to collect pearls from it. Nowadays a lot of people use the internet to obtain different information which they want. In short, the internet is a very large source of information and it is one of the advantages of the internet.

You can also get breaking news, weather reports, research publication, and much more info via the internet. The Internet provides us with different and a lot of resources of information. Internet resources help humans begin to improve their daily lifestyles. So the internet is a vital part of humans living and nowadays it is not very costly.advantages and disadvantages of internet

2.Unbounded Communication/Electronic communications

The Internet has provided a cheap and convenient way of communication to us. Nowadays people can communicate with each other in a fraction of a second, and it becomes possible due to the internet. Once you paid your internet bill, then all world is yours. The Internet has plenty of ways to connect people to each other. You can connect to someone, who is in another part of the globe and it is just possible due to the internet.Ā  Also, you can use Skype, hangouts, or other services to communicate with other people. You can send free email using the internet. Email is a very powerful way of communication nowadays. You can use a lot of email services freely over the internet.

Unbounded Communication

3.Ā Online Services and Online Shopping/E-commerce

Nowadays, you can do your all financial transactions online and it is become possible due to the internet. You can pay taxes, utility bills and you can book movie tickets or transfer funds over the internet in the comfort of your office or home. In short, online banking or net banking is the main advantage of the internet. You can do the transaction via your mobile if you have working internet on your smartphone.

The rapid growth of e-commerce done due to the internet. You can shop online using e-commerce websites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and much more. Also, you can purchases what you want over the internet by using online shopping. You can compare products and the price of products by using e-commerce sites, also you can write a review of your purchased product. Online Shopping


Entertainment is the main advantage of the internet and due to the entertainment purpose, many people use the internet. You can watch movies, serials and listen to music online by using the internet.Ā  Also,Ā you can follow your favorite celebrity over the internet, also you can read gossip related to your favorite celebrity. You can play online games, over the internet. You can upload and share entertaining stuff over the internet. The Internet is a treasure of entertainment and it will increases day by day.Ā Entertainment

5. Easy and Fast Sharing

sharing information is one click away from you. Thank you to the internet, for making sharing of information very fast and easy. You can share news, videos, photos, and other information by using social media. Also, you can share your life event by using Facebook, while you can tweet your real-time incident by using Twitter. You can upload and share your videos over the internet. Also, you can promote your business over the internet through emails or any other way of online marketing. Nowadays you can share large files in GBS through email over the internet. Really the internet makes sharing very fast and seamless.Easy Sharing

6. The technology of Future/Internet of Things

The Internet is upgrading day by day and it is a technology of the future. The Internet has a very good future scope, we can do a lot of things remotely by using the internet. In the future, the internet will connect each and every computer. Internet of things is also the advantage of the internet. Internet of things means where devices and sensors communicate with each other to automatically perform a designated task or function. IoT is a great achievement in internet history.Internet of Things

Disadvantages of the Internet

1.Online Fraud/Stealing of Private Information

Nowadays, cases of online fraud increase, and the number of people also increase who use the internet to do online fraud. Some people steal the private data of Internet users by doing online fraud. You can complain about online fraud, but every time you can’t catch the specific person who did fraud; because the internet has a very vast network and used worldwide. So online scams are the disadvantage of the internet. You can avoid it by taking some precautions. So whenever you giving your debit card/credit card details online, make sure you are giving info to trusted sources and don’t reveal your credit card password to anyone.Online Fraud

2. Spam-Mails

Spam emails are a headache, it causes a lot of problems to email owners. Spamming means sending unwanted emails to random people. Spam emails are useless and illegal. Spam emails cause frustration to email owner because spam emails make difficult to access the main email account. Luckily all email systems have a separate spam folder, and they prevent or block some IPs that send spam repeatedly. Ā So use a trusted email service provider and don’t bother with spam emails just block them. Sometimes people use phishing mail to steal information, so be careful when you are clicking a link through your email inbox. Spam Mails

3.Malware and Viruses

Malware and viruses are harmful programs, and they harm the internet very badly. These kinds of programs attack your computer and make changes in your computer, sometimes they corrupt your data or they have done very costly damage to your machine. So be careful whenever you surf the internet. Always install anti-virus on your computer and don’t click on a specious link. You can stop malware and viruses forever but you can prevent them with some security precautions.Trojan

4.Ā Kids Attracted to Adults-Only Content

You can’t deny, the internet is a source of both good and bad information. The Internet has no age bar anyone access it very easily, and now days found that kids are attracted towards adult contain such like pornography due to the internet. So you have to keep watch on your children for what they are surfing on the internet. You can lock harmful sites that affect children. Adults-Only Content

5.Addiction to the Internet

Like other things, people also get addicted to the internet. A lot of people are already addicted to the internet and they spend much time on the internet as compared to the average user of the internet. Internet addiction causes obesity and causes an obstacle to social appearance. Internet-addicted people feel helpless when the internet connection gets down. Physical distance increased between loved ones and emotional attachment between people is missing due to an overdose of the internet. Internet addiction wastes a lot of time so be careful while using the internet, use it when you really want to use it. With some help and tricks, people addicted to the Internet can overcome their addiction to the internet.Internet Addiction

6. Waste of Time and Money

If you are not using the internet the right way, it is one kind of a waste of your time and money. Keep in mind that the internet is not free, sometimes it hurts while paying internet bills. Don’t do unwanted online shopping. As discussed above don’t get addicted to the internet else it will waste your precious time. With proper planning, you can deal with both your time and money spent on the internet.Waste of Time and Money

Final words:

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages like the internet has its own merits and demerits. We should always look for positive things on the internet and we should try to overcome the flaws of the internet. You can earn money as well as publicity by using the internet in the right direction. So the internet is a boon for you if you used it right otherwise it’s a bane for you.