After lot off buzz, the WhatsApp free voice calling feature is now available to everyone on Android. To grab this feature you just need to update your WhatsApp with latest version of app and you will get new home interface that will show up an extra tab called ‘calls’. The calling feature on WhatsApp for Android launched few days back to few selected users and it was based on invitation-only basis.Now voice calling feature is available for every WhatsApp user on Android.(But still no official announcement from WhatsApp).

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Voice Call Quality on WhatsApp:

We (me and my friend) tried making calls on all available connectivity means on 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi and here is our experience:

Voice call on 2G:- As we all know that 2G has lower speed and that’s why we faced little bit problem while doing voice call on 2G. We got call drop as well call went blank couple of times during our WhtasApp voice calling conversion, it means we faced call lag problem. Voice was mucky with not much echo. Overall, WhatsApp voice call on 2G is not better as you accept from WhatsApp so it is better to do simple phone call rather than do WhatsApp voice call on 2G.

Voice Call on 3G:- WhatsApp voice call on 3G is quite acceptable but we faced noise and echo problem during call on 3G.We also faced voice delayed problem while voice transmission and receiving and voice break problem during call. Overall WhatsApp voice call on 3G is better than 2G and quite acceptable.

Voice Call on WiFi:- WhatsApp voice call on WiFi is better than 3G and 2G WhatsApp call. There were no call lag and no drops during call and voice was clearly heared during WhatsApp WiFi voice call. We were only found some echo and little bit delay. Overall WiFi WhatsApp voice call is best as compared to 2G and 3G.

Final Words:

WhatsApp calling is a great feature only if you are using it on WiFi. While in India you can not make international call using WhatsApp voice calling on 2G and 3G. So if you are on WiFi then you can easily make international call. For local and STD calls in India you can use WhatsApp voice call feature and its more handy if you are using 3G mobile data connection.

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