Google Maps, the ever dependable source of information about an area from the search giant, has started receiving an update on its Android app to version 9.4. This update adds a new feature, Local Guides, to the application.

Previously named the City Experts, this new feature enables local users to add reviews and ratings for businesses around a particular area and share them with other users.


According to Local Guides’ Facebook description, “Through Local Guides, an official Google program, you can share your firsthand local experiences, celebrate places near and far from home, connect with a global community of explorers like you, and help local businesses improve their products and services.”

Interested users can sign up to Local Guides program using Google account by clicking here. To access latest reviews, the Maps app on your Android device should be updated and you should have Android version 4.2 and above. Users who want it immediately have the option of installing the apk. Reviewers will be rated according to the number of reviews they write, and Google will reward you each time you cross a milestone. Google is calling this as benefit levels, though there won’t be a quality check on the reviews you write. 

The “Benefit Levels” for writing more reviews are as following

0+ reviews:

Level 1

Access our monthly newsletter

Stay up to date on the latest program benefits, features, and news

In select countries, invites to members-only contests

5+ reviews:

Level 2

Join Hangouts with tastemakers, connoisseurs, and Googlers worldwide

Submit your own Local Guides meetups for promotion

Eligible to test new Google products and features before public release

50+ reviews:

Level 3

Get highlighted in the Google Maps app with a Local Guides badge

Join our private Google+ community

Apply to moderate Local Guides Google+ Communities

In select cities, invites to exclusive events

200+ reviews:

Level 4

Eligible to be featured on our official Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and more

Annual thank you gift for consistent, high-quality contributions to Google Maps

Source : Google

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By Ashish Mukundan

Ashish Mukundan is a tech enthusiast and sports lover. Currently an Engineering student in Mumbai, he wishes to share his knowledge through brief articles and reviews relating to tech.

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