Best iPhone 7 design concepts and rumours

iPhone 7 by Martin Hajek
iPhone 7 by Martin Hajek

Apples iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus models are still not much older but that’s not stopping to Apple fan boys and creative minded techies from guessing and creating design concept of how Apple next generation iPhone will look like.Still it is not clear that Apple can launch iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s, but it’s not matter to Apple fans. There are rumour that Apple will launch iPhone 6s mini this year. If Apple will releases iPhone 6s it will mostly look like current iPhone 6 with addition of few new features , but  new iPhone  7,could be totally different from current iPhone model.Here i pick uped best iPhone 7 design concepts.

iPhone 7 design concept by ovalpicture

Yasser   Farahi  ( Netherlands-based graphic designer of  OvalPicture ) shows a glossy iPhone 7 with new features which are mostly absent in current iPhone 6 models. You can watch video of  iPhone 7 design concept by ovalpicture:

iPhone 7 – Apple Introduction by OVALPICTURE

Farahi   also predicting that iPhone 7 will arrive in 2016 and Apple will launch iPhone 6s this year. He also except the wireless charging can come with this new iPhone model. Farahi designed this iPhone according to his idea.He keep iPhone 7 like iPhone 6s rounded, shiny edges, but without the chunky and all-too-visible antenna lines. He also made changes in camera as per he hate iPhone 6 camera protrusion. Yasser Farahi also moved the volume buttons to the right side of the phone, because he hated to press power button and the volume button at the same time. Like every iPhone lover he also missing stereo sound.(Since first iPhone to  iPhone 6 there is no stereo sound) to overcome this problem he come with totally new stereo sound concept  and this stereo sound would active automatically when needed and of course iPhone 7 will come with iOS 9.You can see pictures  of  Yasser Farahi’s  iPhone 7 concept:

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Video & images credit: ovalpicture

iPhone 7 design concept by Eric

Eric a designer from Germany also uploaded video of iPhone 7 design concept with iOS 9 on Youtube.  He designed 4.7-inch Retina HD display, an aluminum body and iOS 9 app icons that are softer than those from iOS 8.Eric iPhone 7 design concepts is more closer to iPhone 5S than iPhone 6.You can watch all detail in video:

iPhone 7 design concept by Jan-Willem Reusink

Jan-Willem Reusink also has concept of iPhone 7 and he posted images of iPhone 7 on flicker. Jan’s iPhone 7 less rounded and more angular than recent iPhone models. See images of Jan-Willem Reusink iPhone 7 concept:

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images via: Jan-Willem Reusink Flickr

iPhone 7 design concept by Martin Hajek

Martin Hajek has also created iPhone 7 concept. His iPhone 7 is based on edge-to edge display concept. He put a hole in the display to make room for speaker/front camera array.He also moved speaker upwards to keep the size of iPhone as small as possible. His concept also added full screen display to iPhone 7.You can see all pictures of his iPhone 7 concept here

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Rumour about iPhone 7 :

Around web there are lot of rumours regarding iPhone 7 relase date,price, features and so on.Here i listed some selected rumours about iPhone 7.

  • Relase date: may be in 2016
  • Naked eye 3D display .
  • Side screen display and no home button.
  • Wireless charging for iPhone 7 .
  • Stereo Sound.
  • Support of 4G connectivity.
  • In built projector.
  • Quad –core A8 processor.
  • The 14megapixel front panel camera and 4megapixel front camera.
  • 256GB memory support or may be unlimited.