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Nexus 9 : Google’s Answer to ipad

Last updated on December 26th, 2015 at 10:45 am

Tablets ,a place that exists between Laptops & smartphones particularly  to be specific! You can even call tablets as a blown up version of a Smartphone ,whether it comes from Apple or Google territory for that matter ,Tablets as a category was invented by Apple ,as a part of which they are always One Step ahead of the competition. Well Thinner ,lighter & better always makes the newer products better but it also cuts in our pockets thinner ,lighter & better. Well no Offence ,I am not saying that Apple Tablets are not worth ,when it comes to App & Games availability nothing comes close to Ipad ! What you pay ,You get it in terms of Premiums ,Quality… Apple is still the king in Tablets ! Flat out ,everyone cannot afford to buy a Premium Tablet ,so many find an alternative and that’s Android ! well if you’re upto buy anything in android ,limit is your imagination ,since the market is flooded with android tablets making it harder for many to find find best in that price point. When it comes to cheap availability of tablets in 2014-15 there are many tablets you can find ,but the added cheapness in price tag keeps you out of software updates ,So Google brought in Nexus family introducing Nexus 7 (2012) which was provided with consistent software updates ,Same was the case with Nexus 7 (2013) ,it had top notch specs when it released ,the motto of Nexus family by Google was to deliver consistent updates to this devices to stay on par with the competition BUT at a lesser Price point.

   But after a recent announcement back in 2014 from Google ,that cheaper price tag was shaken off making it into a high-range Device from price point perspective ! Well its loaded with bevy of features with beastly specifications with the latest and greatest both from hardware and Software sides! So you’ll be happy paying some extra bucks if you’re to buy one ! So Let’s see What Nexus 9 is all about :

nexus 9    It has a 64-bit NVIDIA Tegra K1 Dual Denver CPU clocked at 2.3GHz ,tossed with Mighty 192-core Kepler GPU ,coupled with 2GB RAM ,has a 8.9″ IPS LCD (2048×1536) Gorilla Glass 3 display having an aspect ratio of 4:3 ,comes in with Htc’s Godly Boomsound frontfacing speakers which have made their way here onto the nexus 9 joining them are dual microphones for better noise cancellation while recording a Video ,has a 8MP primary camera with LED flash & 1.6MP secondary camera ,both with aperture of F2.4 ( Sensor let’s more light in for better camera shots ) ,comes in two colours : Indigo Black ,Lunar White available in 16/32 GB storage capacities & has usual amount of sensors in-built.

nexus 9 2   It comes with features like Double tap to unlock & Ambient display mode.It comes Pre-loaded with Android Lollipop ,a thing everyone is touting about but usually can’t get on their earlier smartphones since Google hasn’t Wrapped/Finished up yet ! Small updates all the way from 5.0 to 5.0.2 are pushed to nexus devices.. Soon we might get Android 5.1 , Google  finish it up quickly ample amount of people are waiting here to grab the update 😀 . So is this Google’s Answer to the Apple’s Ipad line-up ?  But for many Last year’s Ipad must be a better buy as it performs better even on lower end specs due to iOS ,since iOS handles all graphic intensive games even on a dual core chipset ,which is mind blowing ! At the end of the day it’s personal choice that matters OR shall i say being a Fanboy ! It all depends on how Android Lollipop takes advantage of the 64 bit CPU inside and how it implements it..Time will only tell us !!

   We also have now an alternative for people who love quality and premium looks of Ipad ,but love the open sourcing of Android and that is Nokia N1 , let’s see if it’s Nokia or Google to suceed over Apple..

Source : Play Store

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