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Google Translate just got smarter

Last updated on December 26th, 2015 at 10:40 am

Planning to travel somewhere where you haven’t been before ,but worrying about the local language issue ? in short going to a completely new environment and knowing nothing about the surrounding or maybe few catchy phrases might be annoying/difficult sometimes. Google took in a step and changed the whole game ,when it comes to Translation ,Google Translate is what we know ! Searching for a meaning of a particular local word used in a particular town on Internet might be hideous sometimes , If you’ve ever asked for “pain” in Paris and gotten funny looks, confused “embarazada” with “embarrassed” in Mexico, or stumbled over pronunciation pretty much anywhere ,You got it right ? So now if you are up ,for a thing in a specific language just pull in Google translate app ,let the other person speak those words select your native language ,Boom ! you get the translation ,it’s that easy ! even though the app could easily translate many languages over other speak output wasn’t available for many languages ,later the app even supported camera images to be translated when clicked right away through gallery , you can even write with your own hands on the area provided in the app to translate right away ,the only thing you need is powerful internet connection to get instant results ,Well yesterday the app got its major update for both iOS and Android Platforms.


Google translate now brings in realtime translation with the power of your in-built phone camera,those of you familiar with the camera mode in-built in translate app ,now there’s no need of scribbling around and finding words  ,let the app analyse what you were looking for ,now it’s as easy as firing the app ,clicking the camera icon within the app ,hover it over those words you want to translate Kaboom!! those words show up translated in real time even if you don’t have an Internet or data connection ,which is awesome since many of us live on Wi-fi nowadays.

Google Word Lens iPhone GIF

Google Translate

“This instant translation currently works for translation from English to and from French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, and we’re working to expand to more languages.” said Barak Turovsky ,product lead ,Google.

Well previously you gotta select detect language ,since you had no sense about the input language ,then select you own language to get the output. But now simply start speaking the language by tapping the mic icon within the app & let the app decide which language is held as input ,then tap the mic again and app will automatically translate the said thing in your language fluidly ,thereafter leave for the app to intelligently listen to you without touching the mic option again ,without disrupting the conversation in a smarter way.

Well iOS users will be getting some of these updates like camera translations and conversation mode for the first time ! well going for a trip now ? Go confidently ,no need of even Internet connection to get you things done, Henceforth no need to wander around the room bumping you head with your hands ! haha.. 😀  ,better than ever things are going off towards Iron man inspired things ! J.A.R.V.I.S remember ?

Source :  Google Blog

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