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Google’s Redesigned Gmail App For Android Will Soon Handle All Your Email Accounts In One App

Last updated on November 2nd, 2014 at 01:52 pm

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Gmail’s New Android App to Support Yahoo, Outlook and Other Email Accounts:

With Android Lollipop update Google is preparing to update for Gmail for Android and it will Gmail 5.0 version of Gmail for Android. The updated Android version of Gmail will handle email from other service provider such as Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook and other types of non-Gmail accounts, according to Android Police report, and updated app will launched soon.

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The new updated version of Gmail will very easy to use, among other thing you can handle email accounts from other service provider such as Yahoo or Outlook. By using easy swipe or by touching the account drop down Gmail user can easily switch to use other email accounts from different service provider. The Gmail 5.0 version will also support to POP,IMAP and Exchange.

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You can take video tour of new Gmail App for Android which was provided by Android Police.
The Gmail 5.0 App will run on Google’s new Material Design language. The new version will include super clean compose screen, new round icons, menu style, a clean and brighter design.
Hope this update will roll out this week, and it’s still unclear that when same update will come to the iOS version of Gmail.

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