You can upload a lot of images on Facebook, but when you upload an animated image on Facebook, it will not play on Facebook. In short, No .gif(animated images ) is played on Facebook. But don’t be worry here I find out some tricks to post gif images on Facebook. Here is a guide on how to upload GIFs on Facebook.

1. Use Giphy (a search engine for GIFs):


You can easily upload a gif on your Facebook timeline by using Giphy. Just go to Giphy .com and copy-paste the URL of the page which you have selected for GIF or just embed directly to Facebook from the page from the portion where it says, “share GIF.” It is very simple and works like sending a video link on your Facebook timeline. After sharing it, you will see it like any video uploaded on your Facebook wall. Then you will see a play button on embed, press that button and you have done. Now you have GIF on Facebook.

Note: Facebook doesn’t support GIF officially, but you can send giphy link which works like GIFs on Facebook.

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2.Use Free GIF Animated Pictures FB App:

Also, you can share or upload your images and convert them into GIF by using GIF Animated Pictures App. This app will provide you a lot of animated images from a variety of categories.Once you install it on your Facebook account then you will share your animated images on Facebook.
You can share an animated image from this app or you can upload your own image on this app and it will convert it to GIF image.
This app is also very easy to use and share GIF images on Facebook. These are the ways to upload GIF on Facebook. I hope it will help you to post an animated image on Facebook.
Images Via: Giphy & FB.

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