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How to Turn Off iPod

Last updated on October 2nd, 2019 at 02:44 pm

Are you iPod user, and you want to save the battery of your iPod, then just turn off your iPod when it is not in use. I use the iPod touch 3rdgeneration and the process of turning off iPods is very simple. Here is a guide on how to turn off iPod.

Steps for turning off an iPod Touch:

1. Use Power Button: The power button located at the top of the iPod, just press and holds the power button. After a few seconds, the power slider will appear on your screen.

Step One



2. Slide to Power Off: Use your finger to switch the slider to OFF. Your iPod will be shut down soon. If you want to turn it on then press and hold the power button.

Step: Two
You can see the video tutorial of how to turn off iPod :


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  1. Wow you’re great!! my iPod nano was stuck, the help support on apple website didn’t help until i found you! thanks a lot.

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