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How to Set Up Your Custom Google+ URL

Last updated on October 2nd, 2019 at 02:23 pm

Recently Google roll out custom URL for Google +  profiles and Google plus pages.If you still not set your Google plus custom URL for your Google plus profile or Google plus page then don’t be worry its very easy to set Google plus custom URL.To grab Google plus custom url your Google plus profile need to have profile photo,account over 30 days old with at least 10 followers,and you have to meet different Google criteria for gain a custom URL.

Once you go through all requirement Google will mail you or you will get notification banner on top when you log in to your Google plus account.

Once you start verifying your URL,you have to option of request different custom URL.For request different one you will have to submit your request with valid reason for change.Once you request for different URL Google will review it and within couple of days later Google inform you either it is approved or want to make any changes.

Lastly you have to confirm your URL with terms of service.

Now your Google plus custom URL is ready for use.You point this URL with your friends,family members and any one else who might want to view your Google plus profile.Main advantage of Google plus custom URL is it shorten your Google plus profile/page address.Here is our G+ custom URL:Google.com/+MuchtechOrg

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Update: Google+ is only available for G Suite accounts through work or school. Consumer accounts (typically ending in @gmail.com) Google Plusshut down on April 2nd, 2019.

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