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How to Manage All the Tabs In Your Browser

Last updated on September 28th, 2019 at 10:44 am

  Do you keep multiple tabs open in your browser at the same time. And you want better way to manage all of them?

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How to Manage All the Tabs In Your Browser

  TooManyTabs is a browser extension that works on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It allows you to manage all your open tabs efficiently.

manage all the tabs in your browser
  Once installed,TooManytabs will add a new button to the URL address bar of your browser. You can click on it any time to view and navigate to any of the open tabs in your browser. You can even search for a specific tab using the Find option in the ToomanyTabs browser app.

Read More: How To Blocks Ads On websites You can use TooManyTabs to view all the recently closed tabs. To reopen any of the tabs that you may have accidentally closed. Or that may have closed down due to a software error. Even if the history of your browser is deleted,you can still restore any closed tab using TooManyTabs.

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Although TooManytabs is available for both both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For Firefox users,I will also recommend the FoxTab browser app that practically does same thing,but looks a lot nicer.

Watch video of TooManyTabs for Chrome:

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