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How to Make Web Pages Print -Friendly

Last updated on September 28th, 2019 at 11:07 am

 Whenever you print an article from a website. aA lot of junk in the form of images,advertisements,and navigation inks also gets printed.This not only makes the printed pages appear very cluttered and unprofessional. But also ends up wasting a lot of paper and ink. This is why a very useful app called PrintFriendly exists.This app cleans all the junk from web pages and gives you a clean printed page.

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How to Make Web Pages Print -Friendly

 To use Printfriendly,simply start your browser and connect to its website www.printfriendly.com . And ,in the space provided,enter the web address or URL of the web page you wish to print cleanly.

 For print the webpage you want. Click on the Print Preview button to display a clean version of the web.

When you do this,PrintFriendly will remove all images,ads and navigation bars which are normally appear on the page.You can either print the page directly at this time,or choose to save it as a PDF file so that you can view and print it later on. Also you can  email print friendly pages. You can also choose to change the font size of the text on this page to suit your preferences.

 It is also possible to integrate PrintFriendly into most popular browsers like Google chrome,Firefox,Internet Explorer and others.

You can also add PrintFriendly button to your website for your users to print your webpages.This will ensure that you can make use of the benefits of PrintFriendly with a single click of the mouse and do not need to keep visiting the PrintFriendly website each time you want to print something.

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