How to Choose a Web Browser

How to Choose a Web Browser

 Almost everyone has confusion about web browser and every one has different choice about web browser. Now days different types of web browsers are available. So from this different types of web browsers you have to select web browser which you like most according pros and cons of that web browser.
 In 1989-90 Tim Berners-Lee firstly started world wide web.He started world wide web by using lot of software’s and hardware’s. Then after lot of scientist did work on world wide web and make it very advance and user-friendly system.After that lot of web browsers are come in internet market.In 1993 Marc Andreessen started first web browser name as Mosaic. Then on13 October 1994 Netscape navigator and Netscape communicator browser, on16 august 1995 internet explorer,in 1996 opera web browser,on 5 june 2002 mozilla navigator,7 January 2003 safari,9 November 2004 firefox and 2 September 2008 Google chrome.Like that different web browsers are come in internet market. 

How to choose internet browser?

Internet browser should be very fast and highly protected, for those who uses internet daily and do all works on internet.Every browser has ability to start internet,but we can’t say that all browsers are fulfil with all needed futures and security. Before going to choose internet browser keep three main things in mind 1.Web browser should be simple to use,2.Good speed to access internet speedly,3.Web browser should have high security.Now days Internet explorer,Mozila firefox and Google chrome are better to use.
Think on services of web browsers:
  Before choose any web browser think on services which given by that browser. Because now days all  web browsers try to give us simple,very fast web browsing and systematic experience,due to this you can enable different services in your browser.For example ,customized tool bar,bookmark,favourite bar,browser tab surfing and etc.So choose web browser according to your need and your system.
Online security has vital role in internet world.There are many browsers which are not secure.Electronic hack,cyber war are all this things are present till now days.So to avoid this choose browser which able to give secret settings,anti-spyware,secure password setting etc.

How to do Secure surfing with web browser:

1. Always update your browser.
2. Keep on fraud protection.
3. Use pop-up blocker.
4.Use private browsing.
5. Install only trusted program.
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By keeping all things in mind I recommended to use internet explorer 10,Google chrome,Mozilla firefox.

Internet Explorer 10:

It is one of the mostly used web browser from the starting of the internet.Main thing about internet explorer 10 is it is highly secure web browser till the up to date.In this browser there is no different application and no add ons but it still very useful for web browsing.Most important is it comes with windows so you have no need to download it separately.
Pros of internet explorer 10:
1. Nice experience with windows 7 and windows 8.
2. Only one web browser which support windows8 tile interface.

Cons of internet explorer 10:
1. No availability of extensions.
2. No seeking service.

Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is started by Mozilla corporation and their sub companies, and it specially design for windows, Linux computers operating systems and for android  mobile operating system.Manily it is free web browser.It uses gecko layout engine to open webpage. Since 2012 Mozilla Firefox is at third place in most used web browsers.
Pros of Firefox:
1. Nice and user friendly experience due to add -ons.
2. It uses default web browser in Linux operating system.
3. It is free and open web browser.

Cons of Firefox:
1. It occupies large memory so it is very difficult to use on old systems.

Google chrome:

Google chrome is provided by Google.Here you can get lot of services other than web browsing.You can log in in Google chrome with your Google account.So you can see your favourite pages anywhere by logging your Google account.You can use Google drive,watch youtube videos and also can play some games on Google chrome.
Pros of Google Chrome:
1. Lot of extensions on Google Chrome.
2. Best stability and high speed.
3. You can change look by using themes.
4. Avaliable for desktop, android and also available for ios.
So choose your web browser according to your need and configurations of your system.
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