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How to Add an Image to Your Gmail Signature


Adding signature in your Gmail email is always look better,but adding a small image to your e-mail signature is nice way to add a professional touch to your email.Adding image in your signature in Gmail is little but tricky and here is how to add an image to your Gmail signature. How to Add an Image to Your Gmail Signature You ... Read More »

How To Gmail Sign In| Gmail Login|Gmail Email Login


Gmail is very popular web-based email service provided by Google. You can access Gmail on web as well as on mobile phones.Now days,you can use Gmail app on your Android,Windows or iOS based phone.Recently Google introduced inbox is an optional upgraded user interface for Gmail accounts. If you have a Google account, you already have a Gmail account. Obviously,by using Gmail ... Read More »

How to Update Your Facebook Status


“What’s on your mind?” the first thing you see whenver you login to your Facebook account.And it is nothing but your Facebook status update box. Facebook status is an update on your Facebook profile which inform your Facebook friends about your latest news,activities,feelings etc.You can update your Facebook status anytime and you can share your status about any topic such as where ... Read More »

How To Sign Up For Gmail Account


Gmail(Google Mail) has more than 1B monthly active user.Gmail is very popular email service provided by google.Now days almost everyone is familiar with gmail and most of us have gmail account.Still you don’t have gmail account then don’t be worry here i am writing about how to sign up for gmail account and how to get your new gmail account ... Read More »

WhatsApp To Bring Back Old Status Feature With ‘About’ Description

Download WhatsApp for Windows 8,8.1,10 and Mac OS X 10.9

Take chill pill.Facebook owned WhatsApp has at last accepted that ‘Snapchat’- fying WhatsApp wasn’t one of their brightest update. WhatsApp owners have pondered this fake pass. Best part is, the WhatsApp is working to bring the great old text based status featurecto vindicate itself.We spotted WhatsApp old status feature on Android beta. The feature is live in Android beta version 2.17.95.The feature is still being ... Read More »

How To Watch Mobile World Congress (2017) Live


Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, one of the greatest yearly tech shows, will start on February 27 in Barcelona. MWC will fill in as a stage for tech organizations from around the globe to feature new mobile innovation, trenand items. This year, we hope to see some incredible innovations from the old brands, and additionally from moderately unknown organizations and new start-ups. The event will start ... Read More »

How to Log In to Your Facebook Account


Facebook is great place to connect with your friends and and relatives.You can share your photos,memories,videos and you can do more other intrestings things on Facebook.You can use Facebook from your mobile phone,tablet,pc/laptop.More than1 biilion people are active on Facebook and still you are don’t have Facebook account then you can easily create your new Facebook account. Handling Faceboook account ... Read More »

LG K10 2017:Price,Specifications and Features


Yesterday(22, February2017),electronics production giant LG launched k series dual series LG K10 (2017) smartphone in India. This phone is launched in  black,gold and  titanium colours  variant. Phone is now avilable for sell in retail stores and will avilable online from 26 February.The most important thing about this phone is this phone has “Panic Button” feature along with Global Positioning System (GPS).As per Government of ... Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

cloud computing advantages and disadvantages

Simply,Cloud Computing is the act of utilizing a network of remote servers hosted  on the Internet to store, manage, and handle data/information, as opposed to a local server or a hard drive of your PC. Of course,cloud computing is  beneficial to all small,mid and large businesses.Cloud computing increases efficiency and it will help you to enhance the ability to achieve your business ... Read More »

Clash of Clans Private Server


Clash of Clans Private Server: Yes! you read it correctly.  Now you can play one of your favorite Clash of Clans  game on private servers.There are many reasons with respect to why you would need to play Clash of Clans on a Private Server instead of the Official one.The most important reason is that you can use unlimited Gems,Elixir and Gold here, making this ... Read More »

How to Buy Hostgator Hosting with Maximum Discount

If you are planning to start website or blog then you have to buy website hosting.Buying website is easy,but choosing best host service provider is tricky. According to me,Hostgator is one of the best web hosting provider in market as compared to other.Personally, i am using the hosgatore hosting from last 3 years i am satisfied with thier services.And the ... Read More »