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How to See,Edit and Share Your Year In Review Video On Facebook(2016)


According to Facebook,”Your Year in Review is a personalized video that lets you highlight and share your meaningful moments from this year(2016). These moments can include photos and posts that you’ve shared or been tagged in.” How to see your Year in Review video on Facebook To see your Year in Review visit or click Watch Yours on a ... Read More »

How to Go Straight to Voicemail When Calling Someone


Suppose,you are avoiding someone,and you want to share some important information with that person and you don’t want to talk with that person on cell phone.then how  will you  contact that person? the answer is very simple-voice mails on cell using voice mails you can easily send information, stright to voice mail on cell phone of respective person.Thus, you ... Read More »

How to Cancel Your Netflix Account

How to Cancel Your Netflix Account

In case, you want to cancel your Netflix account;then don’t be worry.You can easly cancel your Netflix account.Here is guide for how to cancle your Netflix account. How to cancel your Netflix account via website: Open your web browser and go to and login to your Netflix account. Just click on the arrow,on the top right corner of the page;it ... Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is very poulare instant messaging app right now on earth. With more than one billion users, whatsApp has huge datdabase of users. Though whatsApp is very poweful instant messaging app,whatsApp has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.Here I will give you advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp in detail.  Advantages  of  WhatsApp: 1)WhatsApp is free:‘Free’ is the biggest advantage of WhatsApp. From ... Read More »

Top 25 Most Popular and Most Visited Websites in the India 2016


You can predict which websites are popular in your country and across world.And it is possible due to Alexa tool. Alexa is the Amazon-owned analytics website based company.Alexa ranks websites using the combined metrics of daily number of visitors and monthly page views of websites.You can find out top visited websites in your country by using Alexa website. Here is the ... Read More »

How to Watch Netflix Offline on iOS and Android Devices


Can you watch netflix offline?  answer is YES! because Netflix  recently announced much waited  offline viewing feature.Now you can download TV shows and movies for offline playback.The new feature is avilable on updated Netflix Android and iOS app and most important thing is it works with all Netflix plans. This feature is very useful in such condition where internet is limited or expensive.In hort ,now ... Read More »

How to Login to Your GoDaddy Account


GoDaddy is famous for domain registration and website hosting. If you are existing user of GoDaddy and your looking for login to your GoDaddy account then you are at right place. To sign in to your GoDaddy account just follow the following steps. Note: Login to your GoDaddy account is totally different than login to your GoDaddy email account. How ... Read More »

How to Login to GoDaddy Email Account


Godaddy is famous for domain name registration, and if you are well familiar with internet,then you  know that GOdaddy is also provide  hosting along with best webmail solution.It does not matter how your business is small or big,Godaddy provides you  best webmail solution accourding to your requirtments.Godaddy provides you professtional email address that mactches your domain name(for example, emails ... Read More »

How to Turn Off Facebook Friend Suggestions and Similar Page Suggestions


Facebook is best social media platform for connect with your friends and family memebers. sometimes you forget about your childwood friends or relative that you haven’t seen for quite a while. To connect with forgetted  freind and relatives, Facebook has ‘Suggested Friends’ feature.In early days on this feature it was working on recommending old friends and casual acquaintances that you might want ... Read More »

How to See Who Views Your Facebook Profile


It’s interesting fact to know,who visited your Facebook profile. Unfortunately,  there is know any official way to see who views your Facebook profile. Facebook does not added any feature which show who visited your Facebook it’s quite interesting to find out who views your Facebook profile or who views your Facebook photos or who is spaying over you on Facebook. ... Read More »

How to Block,Unblock and Report Someone on Plenty of Fish


Plenty of  fish is very popular dating site, but sometimes you get annoying messages from POF users. Sometimes you get frustrated  with lot of messages in your POF inbox,and of course to avoid this you start to find out the way to block people or messages from POF users. POF is little bit different than other social websites, you can ... Read More »

How to do Video Call via WhatsApp


Finally,Facebook owned WhatsApp rolled out must awaited video calling feature for everyone.Update is available  for iOS,Android and Windows devices and it’s really very easy to activate and get started with WhatsApp video calling.If you are using WhatsApp voice calling feature,you will easily use WhatsApp video calling feature because it works  similar like voice calls feature of WhatsApp. If you are doing WhatsApp ... Read More »

How to Manage Multiple Accounts on Instagram


You can add up to 5 accounts on both iOS and Android  Instagram app. It’s good for you,if you are using Instagram account for professional growth.If you are looking for how to manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single device, here’s a quick guide on how to manage multiple accounts on Instagram. Go to your Instagram profile and tap on “Settings” (The three ... Read More »