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How to Sign up for Google plus

  Now days Google plus is one of the very popular social networking site and of course it’s provided by Google INC. Google plus have many interesting features ,once you start using it you can’t stop yourself. To experience Google plus features you want to just sign up for Google plus. Here we will learn ‘How to sign up for ... Read More »

How to delete or disable Google plus account

 Google plus is very energetic social networking site, that keeps people busy with   there contents,business and much service provided by it.However for any reason if you want to delete Google Plus account permanently,then you just go to and follow the following simple steps which are help you to delete your google plus account . Step-1)After sign in to your google setting account you go to the Google+ option as  shown in following picture.   ... Read More »

how to create Google+ page?

 Recently Google +  become worlds second number social networking side after facebook  and by crossing to twitter.So in the internet marketing Google+ have huge important. Google+ provides pages to website publishers to make their business social and across the web.  But everyone have question in mind to how create a Google+ page?  Don’t worry am going to write how create ... Read More »