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How to use Google like a pro

Most people use Google by simply typing in the keywords they want to search for,and then clicking on the search results that are displayed.but there is lot more to Google than just the popularly used keywords based search function. Depending on what you want to do,it is possible to use Google search shortcuts to quickly access the information that you ... Read More »

How to Create Disposable Email Address with Outlook and Yahoo

Recently i wrote about what is disposable email and how to create disposable email address, but you can also create disposable email address with popular email providers like Yahoo and Outlook(Hotmail). #.Create disposable email with Yahoo: To create disposable email address go to : Creating Additional Disposable Addresses With Yahoo and follow steps and create your disposable email on Yahoo. ... Read More »

How to Create a Disposable Email account

Are you worrying about scam emails? then don’t be worry try disposable email account and avoid scam.A disposable email address is temporary email address that automatically expires after a predefined period of time.They are created so you can give it websites,individuals and companies that you don,t necessarily trust and wanting to send you spam.They are also used for hide your ... Read More »

How to Get the Movie -Theatre Effect While Watching YouTube Videos

It is possible to add a movie-theatre effect on YouTube such that the entire screen except the video will get dimmed whenever you are watching a video.There is a browser extension called Turn Off the Lights that is available for the Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox,Windows Internet Explorer,Safari and opera browser. Read more about-Turnoff the Lights   Once Turn off the Lights ... Read More »

How to Download Facebook Videos

 Facebook is free platform for us to upload photos,videos and update status,more than 250 millions photos and more than 10,0000 videos uploaded daily on Facebook,but there is no any quick method on Facebook to download video directly.For download Facebook video you have to take help of third-party or you have to use some browser extension.So here am going to  give ... Read More »

How to Download Photos and Entire Photo Albums from Facebook

Download Photos and Entire Photo Albums from Facebook:   Facebook has become the primary and most popular platform for most of us to upload,view and share photo albums with our friends and family members.However,although it is possible to download individual photos from a friend’s Facebook profile to your computer/laptop,also you can download entire photo albums and tagged photos. Image Credit: Facebook2zip ... Read More »

How to Customize the Background and Colours on Facebook

Are you not happy with the Facebook plain white background which are visible on all Facebook accounts,and you want to change it? Then don’t be worry now you can customize the background and color on Facebook. Change Facebook Background and Colors by using Facebook Background changer: 1.Install the Facebook Background Changer browser app in your Google Chrome  browser from the Google ... Read More »

How to Add Facebook Like Box to Blogger

Insert Facebook Like Box In Every Blogger Post Without Editing  HTML In Template: Here i am going to write about how to add Facebook like box to blogger,and you can do it without editing  HTML in blogger template.Before going to add FB like box to your blog you need  to have Facebook fan page of your blog.Once you have Facebook fan ... Read More »

How to customize Everything in YouTube

 YouTube has become one of the most popular video-viewing and sharing platforms in the world .Every month,there are hundreds of millions of unique users who view videos on YouTube.A limitation associated with YouTube is that it normally does not allow users to customize its look and feel,functionality and features. But true the true power of a platform like YouTube can ... Read More »

How to Download YouTube Videos

 There are more than four billion videos viewed on YouTube every day.Anyone with an Internet-enabled device can easily upload and share videos with the world in a matter of minutes.But one restriction that YouTube imposes on its users is that you are not allowed to download any videos. Don’t be worry there are number of YouTube video-downloading website. 1)You can ... Read More »

How to Block Ads on Websites

In internet marketing huge revenue generated by displaying ads on website,but fact is no one likes ads much.Ads are a waste of time,slow down your browsing experience.However,the good news is that it is possible for you to block ads from being displayed on your favorite websites with the help of the Adblock Plus browser extension.  1)It is available as a ... Read More »

How to Customize the Look and Feel of Facebook

 If you are not happy with the look and feel of Facebook,it is possible for you to completely customize it based on your personal preferences.Normally Facebook are not given any options to customize their Facebook accounts.By using different apps you can customize feel and look of your Facebook account,such as recently i wrote how to update your Facebook status in ... Read More »

How to Improve Your Photo-Viewing Experience On Facebook

Most of us have spent endless hours looking at other people’s photos on Facebook.Normally,when you are looking at photos on on Facebook,you have to click on each photo individually to open and view it.However,there is faster and better way to view photos on Facebook using the Photo Zoom for Facebook browser extension.It available on Google Chrome Web Store( the Mozilla ... Read More »