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How to See,Edit and Share Your Facebook Friends Day Video On Facebook(2017)


The yearly Facebook Friends Day videos are beginning to take off around the world. The Facebook begins putting  individualized videos for its users consistently to commend its birthday. The most recent two years, the occasion was praised on the fourth of February, a day Facebook cases to be its official birthday. It’s misty, however, why Facebook chose to move the date this year. ... Read More »

How To Unfriend Or Delete Friends On Facebook

select-the-option -Unfriend

Facebook is great place to stay conncted with your love ones.But taking care of  Facebook relationship can be to a great degree complex and head-scratching.Which friend request to confirm and which to delete is not a simple choice. A few people can be  truly irritating with their Facebook posts,or there may be some post or photo you would not prefer to ... Read More »

How To Hide Your Plenty Of Fish (POF) Profile


As you know, plenty of fish is very famous dating has many free features which makes it user friendly and popular.You can set up nice profile on plenty of fish and you can find your match as per your wish. But sometimes you get annoying meassges and you get frustrated while using your plenty of fish account.So you might ... Read More »

How To See Who Is Snooping In Your Facebook Account


Facebook is great place to keeep in touch with your friends,family memebers as well as you can share photos,videos  etc with them.But protecting our privacy on Facebook is very vital thing. You have to very careful when you are using Facebook on shared computers.If you are logging your Facebook from your office computer or from friend’s home or from else ... Read More »

How to use one-handed mode on the Moto G4 and G4 Plus


Last night i updated my Moto G4 Plus with Android 7.0 Nougat.And  the new Android 7.0 Nougat update makes easy to use one-handed mode in both Moto G4 and G4 Plus devices. The update has lot of new features including multi-window mode, improved security,inline replies, a new Doze mode etc Motorola likewise included a Moto Actions gesture that gives you a ... Read More »



DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET or DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET is error occurs in google chrome.Mainly this error happen because of your internet connection not working properly.As you open Google Chrome, you will get the “This webpage is not available” error message on the your computer/laptop screen. Of course,this error is related to  firewall or internet connection settings. You can easily fix this error by changing ... Read More »

How to Mute People on Twitter ,Facebook and Google Plus


How to Mute People on Twitter Without Unfollowing Them If you are following lot of people on Twitter,then you will get lot of tweets on your Twitter timeline and sometimes it will very annoying.Luckily, it’s easy to mute people on Twitter and they won’t be able to find out. From a Tweet, click the more icon (the three circles next to the ... Read More »

How to Use Aliases and Filters to Avoid Spam in Gmail


It’s very hard to handle your gmail emails,when you use your one gmail email address for both office and personal use.But Gmail has a really useful feature that some people know about — aliases. With aliases you no need to create a completely different account within gmail,you can create aliases email address instead.In short,aliase is modified version of your true email address that Gmail ... Read More »

How To Create A Facebook Group

How To Create A Facebook Group

Facebook is great place to connect with people. Facebook always try to give you all kind of choices to connect with other Facebook users.And Facebook group is an awesome way to connect with other Facebook users,which have same real life intrest like you.In short,you can group your friends by interest, activity, or topic etc on Facebook.So if you are looking for ... Read More »

47 Cool and Interesting Websites 2017


Are you bored by your daily internet routine? Need some brake and refreshment then browse the following cool and intresting websites and get refreshed. 47 Cool and Interesting Websites Here we listed some of best websites around the internet.While brwowing these sites your mood will get refreshed and you can also learn some new stuff with fun.These are the  47 ... Read More »

How to Download,Install and Use BHIM App (Android)


Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on Friday revealed Bharat Interface for Money – BHIM – an app that gives users a chance to make payments utilizing Unified Payment Interface. Currently  app is avilable only for Android  users only and an iOS  app will be launched soon.The app is aimed at encouraging digital transactions and it allows the users to make cashless payments ... Read More »

How to Change Vibration on iPhone

Your iPhone has by defualt vibrations for incoming calls and text messages.But what if you want to change defualt vibrations and you want to set your own vibration pattern? Yes! you can change your vibration on iPhone.Here is guide for how to change vibration pattern on iPhone. How to change vibration pattern on iPhone Click Settings on homescreen of your ... Read More »

How to Create an Event on Facebook

How -to- -Create- an -Event -on- Facebook

Are you  looking for organize successful gatherings?If answer is Yes,then try Facebook events;creating your event through Facebook is the simplest way to publicize your gathering and it is an easy way to get massive attendence to your gathering. You can skip your paper work and plan your event  through Facebook events feature.You can plan everything from small, private get-togethers to large ... Read More »