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How to Mute People on Twitter ,Facebook and Google Plus


How to Mute People on Twitter Without Unfollowing Them If you are following lot of people on Twitter,then you will get lot of tweets on your Twitter timeline and sometimes it will very annoying.Luckily, it’s easy to mute people on Twitter and they won’t be able to find out. From a Tweet, click the more icon (the three circles next to the ... Read More »

Google Acquires Private Photo Backup And Sharing App Odysee

Few days back search giant Google acquired the app maker Launchpad Toys and now Google has acquired Odysee (An app for private photo, video sharing & backup). The acquisition was announced on the Odysee website homepage and also as a notification to Odysee app users. Announcement also clear that Odysee team joins Google Plus. It means Google planning to add ... Read More »

How to Stop Google + Users From Emailing Your Gmail Account

Recently Google changes Gmail settings,according to new settings would let  anyone on Google + email fellow users without having to find out their actual Gmail address.By replying this kind of email your email leaked to other person.But Google knows people might not want to receive email from total strangers.So Google provide setting to choose who can email you from Google +,and Here’s ... Read More »

How to Set Up Your Custom Google+ URL

 Recently Google roll out custom URL for Google +  profiles and Google plus pages.If you still not set your Google plus custom URL for your Google plus profile or Google plus page then don’t be worry its very easy to set Google plus custom URL.To grab Google plus custom url your Google plus profile need to have profile photo,account over 30 ... Read More »

Google Homepage

Google Homepage “An elegantly organized tour of the Internet, both fun and informative, a rare combination!” a sentence of Mr. Steve Crocker. Now days web is a complex planet with billions of webpages and surfing through such a huge database to find ‘What we want’ is really difficult task and seems to be impossible for human. This was the reason ... Read More »

Boom of Google Hangouts/GooglePlus Hangouts

The fun of group chat and it is also on video is possible only due to Google + hangout.To start hangout you have to login  in to your Google+ account or you have to sing up for Google plus account .  what is Google Hangouts/Google+ Hangouts?   Google+ Hangouts is a free video chat service from Google that enables both groups chats and one-on-one chats. In group chat ... Read More »

How to Sign up for Google plus

  Now days Google plus is one of the very popular social networking site and of course it’s provided by Google INC. Google plus have many interesting features ,once you start using it you can’t stop yourself. To experience Google plus features you want to just sign up for Google plus. Here we will learn ‘How to sign up for ... Read More »

How to delete or disable Google plus account

 Google plus is very energetic social networking site, that keeps people busy with   there contents,business and much service provided by it.However for any reason if you want to delete Google Plus account permanently,then you just go to https://www.google.com/settings/ and follow the following simple steps which are help you to delete your google plus account . Step-1)After sign in to your google setting account you go to the Google+ option as  shown in following picture.   ... Read More »

how to create Google+ page?

 Recently Google +  become worlds second number social networking side after facebook  and by crossing to twitter.So in the internet marketing Google+ have huge important. Google+ provides pages to website publishers to make their business social and across the web.  But everyone have question in mind to how create a Google+ page?  Don’t worry am going to write how create ... Read More »