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Freedom 251 vs Docoss X1

Comparison of Freedom 251 vs Docoss X1

Docoss has announced Docoss X1 an Android-powered smartphone priced at Rs 888. Docoss is a Jaipur-based  local handset makers in India. Few days ago Ringing Bell was announced  fully featured Android -powered Freedom 251 smartphone. with the low price tag of RS 251 ,Ringing bells freedom 251 made much hype in Indian mobile market. While Docoss X1  has made a silent entry. Whatever ... Read More »

Apple Revealed New Low Price iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE

Apple launched iPhone SE on Monday night at an event in California. New iPhone SE is not a replacement for the iPhone 6S,but it will replace a similar-sized model iPhone 5S. iPhone SE has 4-inch display which is similar to 5S screen and smaller than the 4.7-inch display that is found on the iPhone 6S. In short,iPhone SE looks like 5S and it ... Read More »

ADCOM Prototype Maker Of Freedom 251 Says It Sold Phones to Ringing Bells at Rs. 3,600 a Unit

Freedom 251 ADCOM

Advantage Computers (ADCOM) has told that,the devices shown by Ringing Bells at the launch of the Freedom 251  smartphone were sold by it for Rs 3,600 each. ADCOM is the prototype maker of Freedom 251 phone. Now ADCOM founder  Sanjeev Bhatia saying that  ADCOM sold handset for Rs 3, 600 to Ringing Bells. ADCOM still didn’t know about Ringing Bells resale plans of Freedom ... Read More »

Report: Ringing Bells To Refund Freedom 251 Payments Of First 30,000 Customers

Ringing Bells To Refund Freedom 251 Payments

Freedom 251 makers Ringing Bells,now refunding the payments which company received on the first pre-booking date.According to report, Ringing Bells was received payments  from 30,000 orders,after that  their website was crashed. Also Read : How to Buy Freedom 251 Mobile online Mohit Goel, managing director of the Noida-based company, has claimed that the money of all 30,000 customers has been refunded ... Read More »

Freedom 251:Call Center Service Provider Cyfuture Files Cheating Complaint Against Ringing Bells

Freedom 251 Scam

Call center service provider Cyfuture ,filed a complaint against Ringing Bells Private Ltd, the Noida-based manufacturer of the world’s cheapest smartphone Freedom 251. According to sources  Cyfuture file a case of cheating and fraud(non-payment of dues) against the Ringing Bells. Also Read: Freedom 251 Now Comes With ‘Cash On Delivery’ Option For First 25 Lakh Consumers On February 16,Ringing Bells had hired the BPO ... Read More »

Freedom 251 Now Comes With ‘Cash On Delivery’ Option For First 25 Lakh Consumers

CoD for Freedom 251

Ringing Bells, maker of world’s cheapest Freedom 251 smartphone,has a new declaration related to the payment of the phone.On Twitter and Facebook page, the company has announced the Cash on Delivery (CoD) option. Now, this doesn’t mean Ringing Bells has started taking bookings for Freedom 251. The CoD option is for the first 25 lakh users who have registered for the Freedom 251. ... Read More »

REVEALED: Why Freedom 251 Is So Cheap?

Why Freedom 251 Is So Cheap

Ringing Bells announced Freedom 251 smartphone at Rs. 251 only,which is approximately $3.65 USD. Now Freedom 251 is world’s cheapest smartphone ever with price 251 INR. After hearing price of Freedom 251 mobile,the question rising on everyone’s mind is how come the Freedom 251 smartphone is so cheap? I also thought lot about why Freedom 251 is so cheap?after lot of ... Read More »

Why did Booking of Freedom 251 Closed before Scheduled Date?

Frredom 251 Booking Closed

Yesterday Ringing Bells closed  the  online and offline booking of Freedom 251 mobile. Actually Ringing Bells opened online booking of Freedom 251 on their official www.frredom251.com website,for  4 days from 18 Feb to 21 Feb. In case you missed booking of Freedom 251 phone,then I am sure you are thinking,suddenly why did Ringing Bells closed  the  online and offline booking of ... Read More »

[Update] Freedom 251 Booking Closed

Freedom 251 booking closed

Today Ringing Bells closed the online booking of world’s cheapest smartphone Freedom 251. Due to overwhelming  response of people Freedom 251 website was crashed many times during booking of phone. During first day of booking of phone website received 6 lakh hits per second and website was crashed. According to official reports,company had reached his target number  of bookings. The total cost of ... Read More »