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Android One devices launch with Android 5.1 ?

‘ Android One ‘ was Google’s new approach towards low end market . For the past couple of years ,things certainly have been great in favor of top-notch smartphones ! You buy a cheap smartphone(in terms of price,2014) you are stuck on the same operating system for years. That was what ,Google refined ,bringing in the ‘Android One‘program launching first ... Read More »

Samsung set to launch Galaxy S6 on March 1

Mobile World Congress 2015 is almost here and that means launches of major flagships are around the corner. Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked, their official press event and the launch event of its previous flagships, will be held on March 1. It will be the launch of the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the S6, and the invites are already out. With teaser ... Read More »

Samsung teases a curved design with MWC invites

Samsung’s official event at Mobile World Congress, Galaxy Unpacked 2015, will be all about the latest flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy S6, and the invites for the press meet are already out. But the teaser image released by Samsung along with the invites is a really interesting one. It looks like the corner of a device with a curved design, and ... Read More »

How to wipe cache partition on Motorola devices

When your Android phone starts to lag and stutter as it gets older, most probably you will search for tips to make it fast like it was when you bought it. Chances are that you will get many answers- ranging from altering the animation and transition speed in developer settings to performing a complete factory reset. While changing the developer ... Read More »

Nexus 9 : Google’s Answer to ipad

Tablets ,a place that exists between Laptops & smartphones particularly  to be specific! You can even call tablets as a blown up version of a Smartphone ,whether it comes from Apple or Google territory for that matter ,Tablets as a category was invented by Apple ,as a part of which they are always One Step ahead of the competition. Well ... Read More »

Android One gets Official CyanogenMod support

When it came to low-end budget smartphone market Xiaomi was pretty much the name of the game ,providing quality hardware capable enough to run most ,throughout the day but lacking the department in software regarding Future Software Upgrades ,Until Google tackled in the Low end market with its Android One initiative Barging in the boundaries and making Stock Android run ... Read More »

Google Translate just got smarter

Planning to travel somewhere where you haven’t been before ,but worrying about the local language issue ? in short going to a completely new environment and knowing nothing about the surrounding or maybe few catchy phrases might be annoying/difficult sometimes. Google took in a step and changed the whole game ,when it comes to Translation ,Google Translate is what we ... Read More »

The best Android Emulators on PC

     We live in a world of Technology where everyday a new piece of tech launches with enhanced features of a perspective category , sadly sometimes when we buy a device and suddenly a new device launches of the same category , we can’t afford to buy it all the time ! & On top of that , If our ... Read More »

How Did Budget Friendly Smartphone Market Evolved ?

Smartphone buyers are growing day by day . You buy a phone today , it’s perspective upgraded version launches within a week or So from another smartphone vender , basically technological advancement is happening at a greater pace today due to more efficient & less power consuming hardware chipsets launching day by day , and with the equivalent software to ... Read More »