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When Is Google’s Birthday?


One of the things that has turned technology around especially the use of internet is Google, Google as a search engine has made information about several things accessible and made research easier for people. Apart from accessing needed information, Google has made E-marketing easier and simpler as people could easily search for products they want through Google. Today, Google is used by more than 4.5 million people in about 160 countries and is highly depended on for reliable information such as news, map, weather, facts and figures. Other websites are also depending on Google. Over the years, a world without Google has become a fiction as Google’s products and services has become attached to daily lives and activities.

Google search engine is the creation of Larry page and Sergey Brin. It originally started out as pages research project as he wanted to create a search engine that could rank site on the basis of the number of sites linked to a webpage rather than how frequent a keyword appeared on a page. The main aim of this was to determine a webpage or research paper’s credibility and originality. The company grey form a search engine to a popular word, nowadays, the word “Google” has become a verb word that is taken to mean searching the internet. From a research project, Google has become a reckoning force in rising technologies especially smart phones. While many are away of its role, it beginning in a significant context is still a mystery to most people.

Because of its indispensible nature, Google is one of the most celebrated innovations of the 21st century. However, Google’s birth date is one of the most deliberated topics among many people as the various facts about this information can be confusing and misleading. Although the search engine was founded in September 4, 1998 while Google.com was registered in September 15, 1997, these dates are not when its birthday is celebrated. Confusing isn’t it?

The fact is that Google celebrates its birthday on the 27th of September. The fact that indicates this point is that Google puts up a birthday doodle on its homepage on every 27th September each year since 2002 when it first uploaded a Google birthday doodle o their home page. The only exception to this was when Google uploaded a birthday doodle on September 8 in 2003, September 7 in 2004 and September 26 in 2005.
However, this is not the first time a doodle is appearing on Google. The Google doodle became known when Page and Brin contacted Burning Man to design an “out of office” indication on the Google homage which resulted into the now known little stick figure behind the second “O”in the word Google.

By 2000, the founders also commissioned Dennis Hwang who was then an intern in the Google Company to design a doodle for Bastille Day. The wide acceptance of the doodle among many people led to the appointment of Hwang as the chief doodler marking the doodle tradition that came to appear from time to time on Google to mark specific dates in history. Since the 2000, over 3000 doodles have been designed by the Google doodle team.

Are you still in doubt of when is Google’s birthday ? The fact that Google has continually celebrated its birthday on September 27 every year in a long time is an indication that the company has chosen to stick with the date. On September 27, 2016,a celebratory doodle was created to mark Google’s 18th birthday.A blue G was shown holding up a balloon that transformed into “Google” after which it floated away. This doodle was designed by Gerben Steenks.


Image via :www.google.com/doodles/googles-18th-birthday

Also recently in 2017, the company also celebrated its birthday on the same date by designing a doodle. In the doodle, most of the letters that made up the word Google were balloons except the first “O” letter which was made into a cake while the second “O” looked like a circular spinner which allowed visitors to select various games on the Google interface.

image via : www.google.com/doodles/googles-19th-birthday

However, it could appear that Google itself is confused about when to celebrate its birthday, in 2016, the doodles that marked its 18th birthday were only 11 instead of 18. This is a result of the fact that Google only begun to celebrate its birthday on the 27th since 2006 since it was founded.

The reason for choosing September 27 is a mystery, although many people are of the opinion that the dispute with Yahoo, its rival search engine in 2005 is a probable cause. Yahoo’s announcement that showed an index larger than Google’s has been reported to be the basis dispute between the two companies. This resulted into Google’s decision to use its birthday in September 27 to announce an expanded index that made Google 3 times larger than other search engines including yahoo.

While its real birth date is confusing, there are several theories to when its actual birthday should be celebrated; one of the dates a lot of people are in agreement with is the date when Goole.com domain was first registered officially. However, if Google clocked 19 in 2017, and will be 20 in 2018, the unanimous fact is that Google has chosen the month of September to celebrate its birthday every year. And whatever day is chosen as its birthday in that month, it will always be celebrated because of the wonderful ways it has touched many lives.

However, Google Company has been quoted on this issue when it was expressed that the exact date it celebrates its birthday has been changed over the years based on when people feel like having cakes. The company has also been quoted in one of its many official speeches saying “they say that life is full of surprises and Google’s history is a chock-full of them, in fact we wouldn’t be there without them”.
Whenever Google chooses to celebrate its birthday, the world is always willing to celebrate with it because of the joy, fun and surprises it brings every time.

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