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How to turn on and turn off Facebook Profile Picture Guard Feature (India)

Rejoice.!finally Facebook revealed must waited Profile Picture Guard, feature for Indian users.Facebook will expand this feature to other countries soon.Facebook Profile Picture Guard will give you control over who can download and share your Facebook profile pictures.Profile pictures are an important part of Facebook,but some users particularly women in India feel insecure about sharing profile picture on Facebook.That’s why,to secure profile pictures, Facebook launched Profile Picture Guard in India.

You can protect your Facebook profile picture 3 ways by using profile picture guard.

  1. Other people can’t download or share your profile picture on Facebook.
  2. Only you and your Facebook friends can tag your profile picture.
  3. The shield signals that other people should respect your picture.

How to turn on  Profile Picture Guard

  1. Click on your Facebook  profile picture.
  2. Click Options.click-options
  3. Click turn off the profile picture guardClick-Turn-on-Profile-Picture-Guard
  4. Click Saveclick-saveThat’s it, Profile Picture Guard is now on and it is visible by a tiny blue shield icon visible on your picture. Facebook Profile Picture GuardWhen you turn on Facebook profile picture guard:
  • Other people will no longer be able to download, share or send your profile picture in a message on Facebook
  • People you’re not friends with on Facebook won’t be able to tag anyone, including themselves, in your profile picture
  • Where possible, we’ll prevent others from taking a screenshot of your profile picture on Facebook, which is currently available only on Android devices
  • We’ll display a blue border and shield around your profile picture as a visual cue of protection

How to turn off  Profile Picture Guard

  1. Click on your Facebook  profile picture.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Click Turn off the  profile picture guardclick-turn-off-the-profile-picture-guard
  4. Click Yesclick-yes

That’s it,your Facebook profile picture gurd is off now.It means anyone can see your proifle picture and anyoone can tag you on Facebook.

Note: Facebook mentioned that once you turn on profile picture gurd on,other user can’t take screenshot of your photo but it’s not truth.I turn on the profile picture gurd for my Facebook display picture and my friend’s took screenshot of that picture on Android device.facebook-profile-pictur- gurd-screenshot-android

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