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Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Plus

Google Plus provides lot of features,which we can use to improve our business online.Like other social networking sites,we can use Google + to share information and we can also connect like minded people on Google +.But Google Plus has its own advantages and disadvantages.This post will give you all pros and cons of Google Plus in detail.

Advantages of Google Plus:


1)Google + is free: Like other social networking sites Google + also provide free service to users and this is main advantage of Google Plus. It means you can join Google + free of cost and its provided by Google so you can use all features of Google + freely.

2)Google + is easy to join : Joining Google + is very easy you can join Google + within a minute and start using Google + connctions.You can also start follow people from the starting time of joining Google+.Google + is free from advertisement and its interface is very handy to use.On Google + you want only to follow people to get updates,news, notifications,etc.

3)Connected with Gmail : Google+ is connected to all Google items, and Gmail is no exemption. At the point when your business sends messages to your rundown, the most recent post from your Google+ page will show up on the upper right-hand side of the dashboard of all beneficiaries utilizing Gmail. This incorporation is another path for your business to goad more collaborations with your current crowd by utilizing content effectively shared on Google+.

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4)Google + Circles : Circles are the one of best and unquie thing of Google +. If you are old user of Google + you could observed that Google + cirles are very useful to sort out your connctions/friends with differnt type of Google + circles. You can follow people on Google + and add them in to related Google + circles. In short, you can make listes of people group as per your choice as you do your email lists.You can add people in to friends, circles,family circles,acquaintances circles,following circles etc.

5) Google + Communities : It is similar like Facebook group. Google+ communities enableusers to meet up to discuss and share content in view of particular subjects of interests.Just certain subjects can be discussed in these communities since the owners can intensely moderate them.Community owners and moderators can be individuals, a business page or both.These people group empower a business to encourage discussions and the production of user created content regarding a matter identified with their offerings.

6) Connected with Youtube : Google + is tightly connected with your Youtube videos. If you have YouTube channel then you will get automatic advantage of your Google + account.In short,you can optmize your YouTube video content by using Google + and your videos will reach with larger audience.

7) Google+ Hangouts : At this time,Google separeted hangouts from Google +but Google Hangout is by-product of Google +. With hangouts you can do video chat with your friends or you can do group  video discussion related to your business or any other ideas.A Hangout can drive long haul faithfulness with your Google+ community on the grounds that your business can grandstand its human side and communicate with group of people individuals continuously.Many business used hangouts for improve thier business.Now Google moved hangouts on stand alone website,but you can use it by using your Google + account.

6)Some other advantages of Google +: 

  • You can sort out your contacts in Google + circles, you can share particular articles to particular individuals. this additionally includes a considerable measure of security as you can reject your supervisor for instance from specific circles.
  • Google + ads free platform and not certain if this will be always, but rather as of now there are no ads and I don’t think they mean to include them soon.
  • You can use hastag to find particaulaer topic or you can share your topic with hastag to reach more specific audience.
  • Google Plus to gives you to follow and comment with no moderation and make your identity viral in the middle of huge profile individuals.
  • Google + provides you connect with your same professional and same intrested peoples and make you more famous between those people and get more work as well.
  • You can use other Google services with your Google + account.

Though Google + has huge advantages it has also some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Google Plus:


1)Inactive and fake Google + accounts: Though Google +has million user most of them either inactive or not used regularly.Most of Google + accounts are inactive and some users rarly visit thier Google + account once created.Some spammy people create fake Google + accounts to share spammy content.

2)Little bit complex to use : Once you login to Google Plus, you will fill UI of Google + is little bit complex to to use average social user.There are excessively numerous options and distinctive features for somebody who is attempting to just post up information.

3)No Promotions: Not at all like other  social networkingsites, the Google+ contests and promotions policy denies organizations from facilitating contests or promotions on Google+ pages. This policy is clearly restricting since one of the numerous valuable approaches to expand engagement is by facilitating challenges, giveaways and advancements.

4)No synchronizetion with other social media sites: Google + not provide you to synchronize different social media services like Twitte, Facebook etc. While you can synchronize your Facebook and Twitter account each other.So it is also disadvantage of Google + as compared to other social media sites.

Thus Google Plus has also disadvantages which could be harmful to user.So you have to use Google + carefully to avoid this disadvantages. 

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  1. Agree 100% with disadvantages. 🙂

  2. and whats about advantages?

  3. Tried Google Plus community to drive traffic to some of my blogs and got success for only one blog. Most of the Google Plus community have huge members but most of them inactive or fake account.

  4. Yeah. You are right.You have to find out active Google Plus community in which members are active.

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