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How to Turn Off Sound of Facebook Notifications and Messages

Are you getting bored from the sound of new notification and messages on Facebook? If yes then don’t be worry you can easily turn it off.In case you don’t know how to stop Facebook from making its new messages and notification sounds here i am writing tutorial about how to turn off sound of notifications and messages on your Facebook account.How to Turn Off Sound of Facebook Notifications and Messages

Steps for Turn Off Sound of Notifications and Messages

  1. Firstly log into your Facebook Account.
  2. Now click in the upper-right corner of your Facebook home page and select Settings from drop down menu.click_on_settings
  3. Now you are on General Account Settings page,Click on Notifications from sidebar.click_on_notifications
  4. After that,you are on  Notifications Settings page.Click on Edit in front of On Facebook option.click_on_edit
  5. Once you have clicked on Edit button then you will have all sounds options related new Facebook notification and Facebook message.Click on On button in front of Play a sound when each new notification is received and Play a sound when a message is received respectively and turn it OFF.click_on_On_make_Off
  6. You are done and this setting will be automatically saved.

Thus you can  turn off sound of notifications and messages on Facebook.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this but I love to keep my facebook notification sound to always on.

  2. Hi Sammer,
    i am already 2 times modified.. now when i change my link username it’s show me this message , any solution ?

    ( There was an error while setting your username: Username has already been modified too many times )

  3. It’s all your choice,you can keep it on or off.In case if you want to turn off facebook notification then you can use this tutorial.

  4. Once you set username on Fb,then you can change it only once.So now you can’t change your Facebook username.

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