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How to Delete Old Facebook Friend Requests You’ve Sent

How to Delete Old Facebook Friend Requests Facebook is for connecting people and Facebook connect you with your old school friends,college friends and relatives.For connect each other on Facebook  you have to send friend request on Facebook.So to connect with your friends on Facebook  you send lot of friend requstes to your friends and other people you know,but unfortunately  all freind requestes were not answered and your Facebook friend request go into pending friend request.In case you want to cancle friend request you have sent then you can easily cancle or delete all friend rquestes  which you sent.To cancel old Facebook friend requests you’ve sent just follow this guide:

Step 1 : Login to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Click on Friend Requests button.Here Facebook will show you people you may know.click on friend requests button

Step 3: On same page scroll to the bottom and click View all to show all your Facebook friend requests.click on View all

Step 4: Now new screen appear on your laptop/computer screen and here you will see your new friend requests.You can confirm or delete those new friend requstes choice is yours.Below the new Friend Requests you will find small link of  View Sent Requests just click on it.View Sent Requests

Step 5 : It will take you on Friend Requests Send page.Where you can see your every Facebook friend request which you sent.Now click on the button Friend Request Sent for more  options. You can add your friend request to a specific list (Close Friends, Acquaintances,Add to another list ) or suggest friends to your new or future friend.Now select Cancel Request to delete it, and you’re done. Now go through the rest of your old sent requests and do the same thing for each want you want to cancel.Cancel request

thus you can delete your old Facebook friend requests you have sent.It’s always good to keep upate your Facebook account and cancelling old sent Facebook friend requests is one part of it.

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