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Google Going to Shut Down Bump and Flock App This Month

What coincident few days before i have written about bump file sharing app and after some days Google announced to shut down bump and flock app on january 31,2014.David Lieb ceo and co-founder of bump said that team which working on bump and flock app are now deeply focused on new projects within Google.Libes also said that app will removed from Google Play store and Apple App’s Store after 31st Jan.So  till the this date users have time to export their data.

 Flock were purchased by Google in september 2013 for an undisclosed amount that around $35 millon.and bump is in use from 2009.So its shocking news to both bump and flock users.As i mentioned earlier Goole mentioned that they are shuting down bump and flock for only focus on new projects in new year and none other issue behind shutting down bump and flock. in the end bump and flock users are going to miss bump and flock.

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