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How to Create Disposable Email Address with Outlook and Yahoo

Recently i wrote about what is disposable email and how to create disposable email address, but you can also create disposable email address with popular email providers like Yahoo and Outlook(Hotmail).

#.Create disposable email with Yahoo:

To create disposable email address go to : Creating Additional Disposable Addresses With Yahoo and follow steps and create your disposable email on Yahoo.

#.Create disposable email address with Outlook(Hotmail):

1.Go to outlook.com and sign in to your outlook account.

2.Then click on gear like symbol which is at top right hand side of your screen and then click on more mail settings. 

3.By clicking on more settings option new page appear on your screen with lot of options,now from this lot of option choose Create an Outlook alias.

4.Now choose  user name for your alias account and also choose which email extension you want and  click on create an alias,and this is done your new alias account and this is nothing but your disposable email address on outlook.

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