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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social networks ,every day billions people use it.  But Facebook has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Here I will give you advantages and disadvantages of Facebook in detail.

The Advantages  of Facebook:

Advantages of Facebook
1)Facebook  is free:From the begging of Facebook ,Facebook  provides free service to users and this is main advantage of Facebook because free is power.  Now days Facebook starts some paid services but they don’t compulsory on users they give freedom to users to choice services.

2)Facebook for Networking: Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.  You  can connect and find your old school friends and college friends also you can connect with your relatives . Also Facebook have billions users so you can make new friends on Facebook from different areas of world.  You can connect with people by using Facebook chat, messages, poke, group etc. By using Facebook as network you can improve your relationship and you can do date with interested people. So any one can take advantage of Facebook to maintain relationship.

3)Facebook for business: Facebook have billions active user so it is best platform for any kind of business. You can sell, promote services or products for business purpose. You can improve your business brand value by using Facebook in social networking world.  . so you can take advantage of Facebook to earn money online. For business purpose you can make Facebook fan page of your brand or company.

4)Facebook video chat and Facebook as image and video hosting :You can do Facebook video chat with your friends, relatives by using Facebook as video chat tool. Facebook have in built video chat app partnership with skype. Also you can take advantage of Facebook as image and video hosting site. You can make your own albums of your images or collection of your videos  and you can share it as public or keep it privately by using Facebook privacy.

5)Facebook security: Facebook provides very highly security about users account and provide very secure service with very high class privacy policies. Facebook always try to keep privacy setting as simple as possible so users can secure their account easily.  Also Facebook keep strict watch on spammer, you can block spammer or hide post of spammer or you can report them to Facebook.

6)Some other advantages of Facebook:

  • Facebook is well designed website so it can keep users busy for long time.
  • we can use Facebook as social bookmarking website therefore we can share our blogs, aricals, videos to millions of people.
  • Facebook provides app store and free gaming facilities. where we can use thousands of Facebook application and play different games with your friend freely.
  • Facebook like button keep in touch to user to every other website. with this single like button you can bring everything inside Facebook world.
  • Now days most of the site now allows a user to login at their site by using Facebook Login ID. So if you have Facebook login id than you don’t need to waste your time for registering other website.
  • You can use Facebook as news and information source. Thus Facebook have many advantages which make Facebook best.

Though Facebook have huge advantages it have also some disadvantages .

Disadvantages of Facebook:

Disadvantages of facebook
1) Fake profiles and ids: Fake profile is one of main disadvantage of Facebook. Many people use fake profile for cheat, harass someone they don’t like.

 2) Facebook is addicting: The biggest disadvantages of Facebook is it’s addiction which causes many problems by killing your precious time. Use of Facebook for your need is fine but if once you get addicted it consume your most valuable time.

3) Facebook privacy: If you don’t use Facebook privacy  proper way it causes affect on your personal information which you provide to Facebook. Also due to lack of understanding people make mistakes with privacy. Now days people have many tricks to view private Facebook profiles, so keep your Facebook privacy settings very strong. 

4) Not using Facebook list features: by using this service you can update status to specific targeted friend list, like office friend, college friend and so on. But many users still don’t use this application . so this is also one  disadvantage of Facebook.

Thus Facebook have also disadvantages which could be harmful to user. so you have to use Facebook carefully to avoid this disadvantages.
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